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Estimate/check necessary required free disk space



we should add a method that estimates and check necessary required free disk space based on file size of the input pts files. I don't want the code to waist hours doing a 100% space prediction.

We can never know the exact disk requirement until we know how many cubes we end up producing. The reason is that each cube add as a head line thats not in the original pts files. This means that normally we need free disc space greater than the total amount of pts files (extra space is needed to allow for the headers) - the problem is that the number of cubes/headers is difficult to predict because it depends of cube size, data set,clipping rules.

I think it would be "good enough" to stop the program if the free space is smaller than total pts files size + 2% (2% is a wild guess)

if any of the new developers want to write such a method let me know